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If you are just not sure about counseling and if it is the right path for you to take, please read the following letter submitted by a client that felt the same way when she began her journey.

kat mahone, LCPC


Dear prospective client,

I wanted to share my experience with anyone interested in seeking Kat's therapeutic services ... As a transplant into the Annapolis area from NYC, I was struggling with the transition & many other issues that had been building up over the course of my life ... I was anxious all the time, lashing out at my husband and distancing myself from reality with unhealthy choices in general.

It built to a point where I was repeating the same arguments, looping the same thoughts in my head constantly and never felt relaxed, happy or like I was really progressing in my goals or dreams ... I felt like I was surviving, but didn't have any engergy left to do much else.

Luckily a family member noticed my struggle and handed me a business card with Kat's name on it; and said he had such a positive experience ... I didn't do anything with it initially and it was my husband who made the first appointment for us, after an explosive arguement that left us feeling wiped out and desperate for a change one night ... If he hadn't taken that first step for me, I can't help but think of how dark the spiral of my emotional state would be today.

I was uncomfortable at first, with my head filled with things I had heard, thought, or assumed about "therapy" session ... My first initial thought was "OMG WE CANNOT AFFORD THIS!" and I was stuck on that thought for a while - I tried to convince my husband that this just wasn't worth the price, or that our budget could not fit in any more "unnecessary" expenses ... When I expressed this to Kat personally, she took the time to assure me that experience of opening yourself up to a third party person, whose passion is helping people work thrgouh their issues with REAL TOOLS is priceless in a sense. She ensured me that with time and hard work, together we can open up the deep seeded thoughts or issues that can be altered in a positive way ... She also comprimised financially to help ease my looping excuse of not dealing with it because of the price; and I took the leap into committing to a schedule for meeting with her regularly ...

To say I was scared to start is an understatement - I was terrified and overwhelmed wit 30 years of issues I thought were going to come spillling out uncontrollably into some stranger's office, who might judge me, tell me I'm beyond help, or just collect my money to listen to me complain.

I was met with a professional and safe environment, a cup of tea and a warm face ready to poke around my emotional state - our first few sessions were like a waterfall of stories, trying to catch her up on my past, my history, and open up to show her who I really was inside and also who I wanted to be ... She listened, she asked questions, and she took a lot of notes :)

It's not until now when I can look back on all of this and write a novel to other folks who may be reading this, thinking if they should maybe take that first step and seek services of any sort with Kat ... I encourage you to do so - not so much because I want to share her with all of you, because she's my trusted source :) but because I can honestly say I don't miss the old version of myself that I was before she came into my life ... and the difference between that person and the person I am today, is due to the hard work I've put into this process, and the tools Kat shared with me.

Therapy is hard, it's honest and sometimes uncomfortable ... But those feelings are temporary and unavoidable if you really are in need of a life change. I feel like Kat was able to crack my head space and really open my mind up to make decisions and choices that have changed my behavior, my inner monologue, and my reality. For lack of better words, she's like an emotional maintenance service, who comes with a box of unfamiliar and strange looking tools to help clean up, fix and maintain a healthy and emotional state.

Just like anything else we want to preserve in good condition, our minds are in need of a regular check up, and for me, her professional services was what made me take action. I am a better person because she is in my life.

BEK ~ Annapolis, MD