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click here to email: katmahone

office phone: 410.280.1140

Office conveniently located in the Village of West Annapolis at

115 Annapolis Street ~ Annapolis ~ Maryland ~ 21401

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What clients have to say about their work with Kat:

Not sure if counseling is for you? Please visit my "How to know..." page.

"... I feel like Kat was able to crack my head space and really open my mind up to make decisions and choices that have changed my behavior, my inner monologue, and my reality. ... I don't miss the old version of myself that I was before she came into my life... Just like anything else we want to preserve in good condition, our minds are in need of a regular check up, and for me, Kat's professional services was what made me take action. I am a better person because she is in my life."

~BEK, Annapolis, MD

"Kat is a skilled therapist proficient at EMDR. She provided a safe holding environment during a time of extreme uncertainty. Her caring, loving, supportive nature soothed the turbulent waves of grief and despair. Very grateful for our time together."

~LW, Annapolis, MD

"I see Ms. Mahone because she is professional, understanding, compassionate, and flexible. I specifically sought her out when I learned about her experience in grief and addiction counseling. She always gives more than is expected of er, so I never hesitate referring her to many of my friends and family members."

~KJ, Annapolis, MD

"Kat provides clinical supervision as I pursue licensure as a professional counselor. Kat's extensive experience providing counseling to individuals, families, and groups,with a wide range of needs, makes her an ideal clinical supervisor. Her natural warmth and nurturing personality invite honest exploration. She creates a safe atmosphere to share clinical experiences and the feelings that arise from the therapeutic process. Her respectful presence and gently guidance stimulate thoughtfulness and growth. I recommend her to any clinician, counselor or otherwise, who is seeking professional support and guidance."

~Heather H., LGPC

"Around the time I started seeing Mrs. Mahone, I had recently been discharged from a drug treatment facility and was starting on my journey of recovery. In talking with Kat on a regular basis I feel as if I have gained insight into past decisions. Through my therapy sessions with her I have been able to realize the kind of person I am and also the kind of person I want to be. Mrs. Mahone has offered constructive criticism and an unbiased perception into decisions that I have made in my early recovery process which has helped a great idea. I will admit that at first I was skeptical of therapy with out prescription drugs being written. However, now I think differently. The therapeutic value of having someone to talk to and actually listen is an excellent asset to utilize."

~MJG, Annapolis, MD



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