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My Philosophy

It is my goal to offer you a well-balanced, comprehensive, and holistic learning experience.  I utilize my experience as a doula to bring case examples to help illustrate information taught in class.  These anecdotal examples offer you first-hand insight to real births.  It is my goal to offer you tools and alternatives so that you may make informed choices during your birth. I have been working in the field of Childbirth since 2000.


Group Classes (no longer offered)

Intimate class size offers couples an opportunity to share and learn in a safe environment.  Classes focus on non-medical methods for managing labor and birth. Classes also address medical interventions, medication, and Cesarean birth, so that couples are able to make informed choices that best meet their needs in labor.  Classes focus on relaxation, nutrition, and preparation for labor, including coping techniques and positions for labor and birth.  They also address breastfeeding, newborn care and the family and relationship issues to anticipate with the birth of a new child.  Each couple will receive a workbook and will see videos illustrating what is taught each week.  Classes emphasize the importance of the father’s role in pregnancy, labor, birth, and beyond.  It is my goal to empower and educate couples on how to be an informed consumer of obstetrical services, with emphasis placed on effective and positive communication with your birth team.


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Private and Semi-Private Classes

These classes are designed for couples that may want information about natural childbirth, but are not able to participate in the full series.   Classes are scheduled individually in order to accommodate busy schedules.  Please call for more information on private class packages.

Refresher Classes
These classes are for couples that have already had a full Bradley series and are looking to review material with an instructor.  Classes are designed to meet unique needs of each couple.  Sessions are arranged individually.



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